What You Didn’t Know About Oil Changes

When it comes to an oil change, you can either do it on your own or go to the best local express lube shop. Oil changes don’t cost a lot and don’t take very much time, so why avoid them? Read on to know more about car oil changes.

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is a motor oil made up of chemical compounds that have undergone a chemically engineered process. Conventional oil, on the other hand, is a refined crude oil-based product formulated from viscosity grades and quality levels of different ranges and is designed to lubricate engines, products, and machines. Synthetic oil is better than conventional because it offers great overall engine performance and protection. In addition, it uses higher quality base oils contrary to the conventional oil that uses less-refined base oils.

There is a need to find the best oil for your car for it to run smoothly. It is never about how much oil your car has but the quality and the purpose it serves your vehicle. However, note that when choosing an engine oil, there are factors to consider. They include the driving environment, viscosity grade, oil standards, car manufacturer and series, and engine oil types. Ensure you look at your car’s manual because it has crucial recommendations for certifications, specifications, and viscosity.

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Which Oil Change is Better Conventional or Synthetic Oil