One of the most crucial systems in your car is the brakes. Whether you use your car as a comfortable family vehicle or travel thousands of miles on business, your braking system should provide you with the ability to safely complete long and short travels. However, when problems with your brakes arise, diagnosing the issue and having it corrected so you can get back on the road is easier said than done.

We specialise in all aspects of vehicle maintenance, including automobile servicing, MOT testing, and vehicle repairs, as a leading provider of automotive car servicing. Our knowledge in brake repair and replacement is unrivalled, and we have faced and addressed several issues over our tenure in the field.

Are your brakes rusted to the point of failure?


Corrosion is a major problem with braking systems, particularly those with cast iron components. The force provided by braking, on the other hand, is generally sufficient to dust away any surface rust that has accumulated. Surface pitting can occur as a consequence of corrosion, and while pitting does not damage the brake disc, pitted brake discs may require maintenance if your vehicle is not used frequently and/or is kept in a damp climate, since the front and rear discs may get badly oxidized.

Is it possible that normal wear and tear may cause serious braking problems?


Wear and tear, like any other vehicle component, will degrade its quality and condition over time. Because your car’s front discs are particularly sensitive, manufacturers have set precise requirements for the minimum thickness of brake discs, which varies from vehicle to vehicle. If your brake discs have worn down to the point that they need to be replaced, you should also replace the pads at the same time.

Do your brakes produce a lot of heat?


While some heat is to be expected while using the brakes because of the friction required to bring the vehicle to a stop, excessive, persistent, and uneven heating and cooling should be avoided. The form of your discs may be altered as a result of unequal exposure to hot and cold air, a condition that may manifest as a judder while using the brakes. Your discs are more prone to become warped if wear and tear is also an issue.

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