Your car as one of the biggest purchases you’ve ever made needs proper maintenance to run. Reading and following these simple tips will help you to make your car last longer and save lots of money along the way. A well-maintained car will last longer, are more fuel-efficient, and have better performance and smooth drive.


4 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer


1- Periodical Service

The first and the most important one on the list which everybody knows is regular services, but some don’t take it seriously and simply postpone it to a later time. New cars can easily overpass their scheduled service intervals without being noticed! But this can harm your engine and other components. So it is very important to stick to the recommended service intervals by the manufacturing company that can be found in the car’s manual. It is also better to do it a bit earlier than its recommended intervals.

2- Don’t Skimp On Oil Change

Oil is the engine’s lifeblood. It keeps your engine lubricated and cooled. Old contaminated oil will shorten the engine’s life. It is always recommended to follow the car’s manual and use the manufacturer’s recommendation. You could do some serious damage to your engine by neglecting oil change at its regular intervals.

3- Don’t Ignore Issues and Notifications 

Keep an eye on the dashboard and listen to the noises. Ignoring your car problems may cost you a thousand dollars. Fluid leaks, brake noise, knocking noise, dashboard notifications, and screeches indicate a possible serious issue. Don’t pretend it’s just not there and turn up the radio, or think it will fix itself. Take it to a professional technician at your earliest possible. Even there are some safety issues that need to be taken care of immediately. By dealing with these problems when you first notice, you can prevent a possibly expensive repair.

4- Keep It Clean 

Yes! That’s right. You can significantly extend your car’s life by keeping it clean. Dirt and grime cause rust. Grit gets into the car’s moving parts and the chassis causes accelerated wear and corrosion. Bird droppings on your paintwork can damage the paintwork permanently, never leave it behind. Winter road salt is super corrosive, take the car to carwash from time to time in winter, and don’t forget to wash the undercarriage. Also, keep in mind that a yearly polish will provide a layer of protection and prevent rust from spreading.

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What To Do To Make Your Car Last Longer