Several reasons could be behind your car failing to start after putting the key in the ignition. Think of a car as a web of interconnected components, where an issue with one component could start a chain reaction and impact other components as well. When your car fails to start, you may not have many options, if any at all, and that could leave you finding another option to take you around town or to work. What actions can you take if your car fails to start? Here are a few things to consider.

Investigate Why Car Won’t Start

Among the list of things that can cause your car to fail, it’s not easy to simply look at your car and tell what’s wrong. Some common issues that may be related to your car failing includes:

  • Dead battery is a fixable problem, which can be caused by a drained battery that needs to be recharged, or it reaches the end of its lifespan. It is possible for loose cables to also be the source of your battery issues.
  • Broken starter causes a rapid clicking noise when the key is in the ignition, but the car won’t start and could be related to either a dead battery or a degraded starter motor.
  • Blocked fuel filter stops fuel from making its way to the engine, which can be due to a blocked fuel filter, preventing the car from starting. 
  • Damaged engine can be caused by a failure to change the engine oil, damaged timing belts or spark plugs, and an incompatible fuel-gas combo.


Fix the Car if Possible

After determining the problem that’s preventing your car from starting, you may decide if it’s worth fixing. Factors that may impact your decision are the budget and your particular situation. Weigh the cost of repairing your car against buying or leasing a  new one. Whichever is more cost-effective is the better option. Also, take into account the value of the non-starting car and ask yourself if it’s worth repairing. 


Decide on Selling Your Non-starting Car

As it stands, your non-starting car may be worth some cash. How much cash is up to you to find out. Maybe you want to sell it as is or make some repairs then sell. The value of the car will be significantly impacted by its non-starting status among other factors, such as mileage, color, service history, and sales location. The more damage or wear on the car, the lower the value of that car will be. The better shape the car is in, the more value a buyer will see in the car. 

Selling a car that won’t start could be tough, but a few places may be willing to help you part ways with it, including junk and salvage yards. Additionally, private individuals and some car dealerships also purchase damaged vehicles. 


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What to Do If Your Car Fails to Start