Scrapping a junk car is a good way to get an old clunker off your hands. It can earn you a bit of money and clean the clutter from your property. Some professional scrappers prefer to do the disassembly on their own to make extra money. There are four main steps involved in scrapping a car. 

Step One: Remove Battery, Tires

Before anything else, you must remove and test the battery. You can sell a used battery in working order. The tires will also be removed and resold if they are still in good condition. Additionally, a scrapper must adequately dispose of Freon because of its impact on the environment. When you have successfully removed these items from the vehicle, you are ready for step two.

Step Two: Drain Fluids

If you left any fluids in a scrapped vehicle, danger is present. To prevent fires and other hazards, you must drain all fluids from the junk car before continuing to the next step. Gas and some other fluids can be reused or sold, while many car fluids must be properly disposed of. Given the hazardous nature of vehicle fluids, you must handle fluids appropriately. 

Step Three: Remove Parts

After removing the battery, tires, and Freon, and you have entirely drained all fluids, the junk car is ready to be stripped of its core parts. Other, less critical parts, can also be removed and sold. Some common parts that go for resale include:

Even parts that are not functioning can be sold for cash. Many car parts have metals that can be melted down and created into something new. Metals can earn you some extra money.

Step Four: Crush Car Body

When you have removed all parts from the vehicle, you can have the car crushed. After the car has been crushed into a rectangular piece of scrap metal, it is sold to a scrap metal facility and melted down. A manufacturing plan then creates something new – usually a new car. 

To answer what happens to a junk car after the scrapping process, it typically becomes a new car. 

Who Can Scrap Your Car?

There are scrap and junkyards that will pay a couple of hundred dollars for a vehicle. If you have a junk car and want nothing more to do with it, this is a good way to get rid of it. However, if you are looking for a way to make more than just a one-time payment, you can learn to scrap a car yourself. After a lot of practice, you can make decent money. 

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What Happens to A “Junk Car” After It Is Scrapped