You have a scrap car parked at your driveway or at the garage and you don’t know what to do with it? Are you wondering getting it fixed is better or sending it to the scrapyard?

If your car is too old to repair or its repair cost is too high, the best way to deal with a junk car is to send it to the junkyard and exchange it with quick cash.

Here is what people usually do before sending their cars to scrapyard in Melbourne:

  • Prepare your documents: In order to scrap your car you need to transfer the ownership to the dealer, so, you will have to show the dealer your proof of ownership. Therefor the first thing is to make sure that you have your vehicle’s ownership ready. Also be aware of frauds! If someone takes your car without the ownership, it’s shady and you might going to be involved with possible future crime investigation.
  • Remove your personal belongings: Look out for any valuable personal belongings you might be leaving at the vehicle and collect them all. Make sure to check under the seats, seat back and side pockets and empty any other storage components.
  • Remove car’s valuable parts: You can remove all valuable parts like entertainment systems or any other valuable accessories and parts. even you can replace your tires with the old ones or take off alloy wheels and replace it with steel wheels if you have one, and sell it to the second hand markets or local mechanics. Focus on squeezing as much money as possible.
  • Take off the license plates: Remove your license plates and keep them for your next vehicle or if you are not going to buy a new car soon, you can dispose or return them to Service and get credits for remaining months.
  • Cancel your car’s insurance: If you cancel your insurance you are not going to pay any other recurring payments until your policy expires. And in case you have paid the full annual coverage up front, you can get refunds for the remaining months.

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Things to do before scrapping your car