Sri Lanka German Technical Training Institute Old Boys Association Australia Inc.

Sri Lanka German Technical Training Institute Old Boys Association Australia Inc.

(SLGTTIOBA) has a rich history that stretches back to its founding in 1991. This association was born out of the foresight of its founding members, who had migrated to Australia during that period. They recognized the need for an organization dedicated to safeguarding and preserving their cherished values.

These Sri Lankan families embarked on a journey that took those thousands of miles away from their homeland, carrying with them their hopes and dreams of a better future in a foreign land. As they settled into their new lives in Australia, the reality of immigrant life began to unfold. It became evident that they required a strong support network, an association that could provide them with the care and assistance they needed during their initial struggles. SLGTTIOBA emerged as that very association, extending its protective embrace to these young families and offering relief in their times of greatest need.

From its modest origins, SLGTTIOBA has grown into a dynamic and robust community association, firmly establishing itself within the cultural landscape of Victoria, Australia. Unlike conventional old boys’ associations, their commitment transcends the boundaries of nostalgia. They are dedicated to nurturing and preserving the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture, the arts, and entertainment within the Australian milieu.

At the heart of their success lie the strong bonds of brotherhood that unite their members. Moreover, they possess a remarkable work ethic, meticulous planning abilities, and the capacity to execute tasks efficiently. They bring a diverse range of skills to the table, harnessing them for both personal and communal benefit.

One of their most significant achievements is maintaining a strong and enduring connection with their alma mater in Sri Lanka. This connection acts as a bridge spanning the vast geographical gap between their two countries. In times of extraordinary circumstances that impact either their Motherland, Sri Lanka, or their adopted home, Australia, SLGTTIOBA stands at the forefront, ready to shoulder the responsibilities. It is challenging to identify another association that has contributed as extensively to the welfare of both the Sri Lankan and Australian communities.

They take immense pride in being the largest Sri Lankan association of its kind worldwide and one of the most dedicated associations within the Australian landscape. Their journey, from humble beginnings to a thriving and influential organization, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their values and their communities.


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