Are you feeling confused about whether you should scrap your car or repair it?

We have met many customers or potential customers who are in a dilemma if they should be scrapping a car or repairing a car. In this blog, we are going to share our thought process about the same. 

If you find yourself with a car that is a decade old, about 250,000 miles on it. Or a car that is probably 7 – 8 years old, but has more than 300,000 miles on it. No matter what’s your story and background, we are pretty sure that this blog will help you in making a sound decision. 

Repairing the old car

You have a car which is partly broken, needs some kind of investment to be back on the road. On one hand, you see repairs as an investment in your old car. This car can be later used as a spare car. However, you cannot ignore the uncertain liability that it will bring in the future. Is it worth it? Will you be able to utilize the expenses that you made on the car completely? 

Should you decide to repair the car, how do you plan to use the car once you have the repairs made? In case you don’t have a concrete plan on how you are going to use the vehicle once you have repaired it, the cost to repair the vehicle is not worth it. The second and important factor is the cost to repair. This depends upon the damage, and also the cost of maintenance after repairs. Is your car a total write-off? Talk to a mechanic and find out how much it will ask for maintenance once you have repaired the car fully!

Scrapping Car For Cash

If you don’t have any confident answers yet, or they are not practically possible. It’s best to scrap a car. After all, what’s the point in spending thousands if you plan to use the vehicle only once a week? 

If you are going to keep this car only for emergencies, or if you are going to use this car as a primary car- you might end up with a fixed maintenance cost. Now imagine you find yourself with another bill of repairs, within a spend of 3 months. Is it really worth it? The less money you are spending on your car, the more money you can put toward more important things, like your kids’ college fund, your retirement, and paying back those old student loans. It’s okay to own a nice car, just don’t let your car own you.

Rather than investing in repairing a car, you aren’t sure you will use or get a return on it if you sell the vehicle in the future. Overall, most of the time crapping a car is a better choice than repairing it. As it doesn’t cost anything to scrap a car when you scrap with local scrap yards.

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Scrap Car vs Repairing Car