Dandenong South Preschool Centre

Dandenong South Preschool Centre

Dandenong South Pre-School is dedicated to nurturing and developing your child’s educational and social potential, instilling in them a love for learning, and preparing them for the adventures that life has in store. Situated on Canberra Avenue, Dandenong South, their pre-school is led by passionate and devoted teachers, a parent-based volunteer Committee of Management, and a dedicated Administration Officer, all committed to providing a wonderful pre-school experience for every child. With spacious and inviting indoor and outdoor spaces, they offer an ideal environment for early learning and growth. They warmly welcome you to schedule a Guided Tour to experience it for yourself.

At the core of their approach lies their philosophy, the guiding force behind their work with children, families, and each other as early childhood educators. It encompasses their deeply-held beliefs, values, and aspirations in creating an enriching and nurturing educational environment.


Their commitment to children’s development is grounded in several key principles:

– They recognize and respect each child as a unique individual, supporting and challenging them to learn and grow at their own pace.

– Embracing the diversity within their community, including varied values, skills, cultures, and strengths, enriches the fabric of their preschool experience.

– They firmly believe in equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their abilities, gender, or language, to reach their full potential.

– Play is the cornerstone of learning, providing a foundation for acquiring new skills, knowledge, and understandings.

– Through hands-on and open-ended experiences, they encourage children to wonder, create, investigate, experiment, and practice, nurturing healthy brain development and positive behavior.


Their preschool environment fosters a sense of safety and happiness, enabling children to take responsibility for their learning, develop self-regulation and resilience, and build pro-social skills and friendships—all supported and guided by their trusted educators.

They also cherish their connections with families and the wider community, acknowledging the importance of their involvement in their child’s learning journey:

– They pay homage to Indigenous culture and traditional landowners, acknowledging the significance of the places they learn and play on.

– Valuing the diversity of their families, they strive to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

– Recognizing families as a child’s first educators, they encourage their active participation in supporting and contributing to their child’s care and learning.

– Open communication and sharing of interests between families and staff are encouraged, strengthening the preschool experience.

– Trusting and respectful relationships with families form the bedrock of nurturing each child’s learning, growth, and development.


Moreover, they celebrate special occasions with an open-ended and child-directed approach, fostering a sense of joy and inclusivity.

Their commitment to the wider community involves establishing meaningful connections with local schools, children’s services, parks, and libraries, enriching their preschool programs through incursions and special days.

As educators, they stand united as a team, working collaboratively to provide a high-quality program for their children and families. They foster a culture of reflection and shared understanding, embracing diversity within their team and continuously seeking improvement in their programming to paint a holistic picture of each child’s behavior and development.

At Dandenong South Pre-School, they strive to create an environment where children, families, and educators flourish together—a place where young minds blossom, relationships thrive, and the joy of learning abounds. Join them on this enriching journey of discovery and growth!


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