Why Should You Use Chrome Spray Paint for Rims?

Here are some benefits of using one of these high-quality spray paints for your rims.

1. It’s Easy to Use

The best part about using chrome spray paint on your rims is that it’s easy to use. Whether you’ve dealt with motorcycles or vehicles or are a complete beginner, you don’t need a big instruction manual to use chrome spray paint.

2. Gives your Ride A Great Look

If you’re looking to upgrade your ride but don’t want to dig deep into your pockets, chrome spray paints are the way to go.

A chrome finish spray paint will give your rims a glossy and bright silver finish, giving your vehicle a makeover.

3. Protects Your Metal Surfaces

A good chrome spray paint will protect your rims. But, before any scratches get to your rims, they’ll have to get past these chrome spray paints.

If you live in an area where you have to drive on salty roads, you can do that more confidently, knowing that your rims are protected.

4. A Safer Option

Chrome spray paints are a safer option compared to chrome plating. This is because chrome plating involves electroplating a layer of hexavalent chromium onto the rims.

Hexavalent chromium is a toxic carcinogen, which makes it not the best option, especially compared to spray paints. On the other hand, chromium spray paints are water-based and have fewer toxins.

5. Multi-Purpose Option

The best part about getting high-quality spray paints is that you can use them for other purposes other than spraying on your rims. For example, you can spray your spray paint on your other DIY projects or parts of your house that you want a chrome finish on.

What Should You Check When Selecting the Best Chrome Spray Paint?

1. Durability

You don’t want to use your chrome paint today only to need to apply another coat in a few days. Therefore, you need to consider durability as an important factor while making your decision.

What do we mean by durability? Durability is how long the paint will stay on without chipping, becoming dull, or changing in any way from how it was in the beginning. Some features to look out for when considering how durable the chrome spray paint will be UV resistance, chip resistance, and mildew resistance.

The latter is especially significant if you live in an area that experiences a wet climate. The last thing you want is mildew growing on your newly painted rims. If you can get a paint that comes with a primer or extra layer of protection, the better.

2. Color

The color of chrome paints can vary depending on the manufacturer and other factors. Therefore, before you settle on the choice you want above, ensure that it’s the color that you want.

You can check the reviews or the color on the cap of the chrome spray can. If you’re still not sure after this, feel free to contact customer support and inquire from them.

3. Finish

We’ll look at the different finishes for chrome paint in detail in the next section. Nonetheless, you can expect to find finishes that are glossy, others that are smooth, and some that are matte.

It’s up to you to decide which one exactly you need. Just like with the color, you can look at the paint cap of the spray can to know what kind of finish to expect.

4. Ease of Use

You want spray paint that is easy to apply. Although you typically need one coat to get the job done, you may need to apply more than one, depending on the brand you’re using.

Another thing to consider is how much time it takes to apply the coat. You don’t want one that will keep you working on your rims for hours. Check the pros section in the products above to see if the one you want is easy to apply.

5. Type of Surface

You want chrome paint that you can use on metal. Therefore, you’ll need to check if the one you want is suitable for metal surfaces. For example, not all polished chrome paints will work on all surfaces.

Therefore, ensure that the paint you’re choosing works well with the object you are painting. This is crucial because it allows you to get the finish you want.

6. Drying Time

The drying time is justas important as the ease of use because it affects efficiency and the smoothness of your coat. If your workstation is located outside, you’ll need paint with a quick drying time.

This is because you don’t want your paint to stay wet too long as it may be susceptible to contaminants such as dust particles. On the other hand, if your workspace is indoors, you can afford to get a spray that is not necessarily fast-drying.

7. Can Size

Depending on the number of rims you’re working on, you will be able to choose the can size or the number of cans you need.

Consider getting several cans or a bigger can size if you want to use the spray for other jobs and surfaces.

What Are the Different Types of Chrome Spray Paints?

A) Metallic Finish Chrome Spray Paint

The thing about metallic finish chrome spray paint is that it’s a great option when you want a temporary solution to your rim situation. Maybe you want to spray paint your rims and then do some chrome plating later.

In this case, having a metallic finish chrome spray will get the job done. It’s in the middle of a mirror finish spray and a matte finish spray. With this chrome paint spray, you’ll get a high-gloss finish that’s not too shiny but also not too matte.

B) Mirror Finish Chrome Spray Paint

If you want that cool mirror finish, this is the way to go. Your rims will have an amazingly shiny and metallic gloss finish once you apply a layer of your spray paint. These great chrome spray paint will give you the same look as actual chrome.

Therefore, consider this best chrome spray if you want your rims to shine and gleam as you drive along. Most of these best chrome sprays are that they are durable and chip-resistant.

C) Matte Finish Chrome Spray Paint

Finally, we have the matte finish spray paint that is the opposite of our previous pick above. This best spray paint type doesn’t have a shine and is less common than the other two types above.

In fact, if you use it on your rims, you’ll find that it looks like basic steel and is less eye-catching than the other two options above. Nonetheless, it is a great option when you want to cover up scratches and other imperfections on your chrome.

If you are on a tight budget, you’ll love that this chrome paint type is affordable while still being affordable and easy to apply.

How to Apply Chrome Spray Paint to Your Rims

In addition to getting the best chrome spray paint for rims, you still want to be able to do a good job with it. Therefore, let’s look at how to properly go about the application process so that you can get the desired results.

1. Prepare your Rims

The first step is to prepare the surface that’s going to receive the chrome paint. The first step is to clean the rims. If therims are very dirty, use a soft brush and some soapy water to clean them.

Ensure that there are no oils or residues on the surface that can spoil the look of the paint coat. Once you’re sure that all the dirt is gone, leave the rims to dry.

It’s important that you don’t touch the cleaned surface once you’re done cleaning to avoid leaving finger marks. These finger marks may mess with the look of your finished paint job.

2. Prime the Surface

Once you are very sure that the surface is clean, the next step is to start the priming process. This primer will ensure that the paint properly adheres to the surface of your rims.

Ensure that the primer covers the whole surface that you want to paint. One thing to note about the primer is that it should be compatible with the rims. Therefore, ensure that you check if the primer of your choice is compatible with metal.

Spread the primer evenly until you’re sure that you’ve covered all the spots. You can apply more than one coat of the primer for a better effect. Nonetheless, ensure that the first coat of the primer is completely dry before you apply another.

3. Apply the Base Coat

Apply the base coat 24 hours before you want to apply the paint for the best effects.

4. Apply the Spray Paint

Once you’re sure that the primer and base coat is dry it’s time for the fun part. However, before you start spraying, confirm that you know how to use the can.

Read the instructions that come with the paint carefully so that you know how to use it. Ensure that you move your hand evenly across the surface to avoid getting buildups. Once you’re happy with the result, leave it to dry.

If you want to apply another coat, ensure that the previous one is dry.

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Chrome Spray Paint for Rims and A Beautiful Finish