Canberra Avenue Child Care & Kinder

Canberra Avenue Child Care & Kinder

Canberra Avenue Child Care & Kinder is a warm and welcoming long-day early learning centre nestled in the heart of Dandenong, dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and education for you and your precious child. Their architecturally designed centre boasts four thoughtfully curated children’s rooms, each geared towards enriching the minds and hearts of young learners aged from birth to 5 years.

At their centre, they place immense importance on crafting a top-notch educational program that nurtures children’s development and growth in a holistic manner. From the moment they step into their play areas, children are met with an inviting blend of natural and age-appropriate materials, creating an ambiance that fosters creativity and curiosity. They take immense pride in their sensory garden, a magical space designed to ignite young minds and fuel their love for learning.

Safety is paramount to them, and they spare no effort in ensuring that their facilities are secure havens for your little ones. With their team of professional and caring educators, you can rest assured that your child will be in the hands of skilled individuals who are genuinely invested in your child’s well-being and development.

Their early learning program aligns seamlessly with the National Early Years Learning Framework, paving the way for positive and fulfilling opportunities for child development. They firmly believe that every child has the right to be educated by passionate and qualified educators who are dedicated to nurturing the best outcomes for both children and families.

One of their fundamental principles is creating an environment where children feel safe, respected, and valued – a place where they can truly belong. They firmly believe that when children are immersed in a play-based and open learning environment, they become confident, competent learners. By offering open-ended experiences, they unlock the potential for the richest learning outcomes for both the children and their educators.

Imagination knows no bounds, and they actively strive to engage the senses and stimulate curiosity among their young learners. They understand that each child is unique, and their learning environments are designed to be flexible and responsive to their individual capabilities and needs.

As passionate advocates for early childhood education, they draw their learning experiences and opportunities from a diverse range of methods. This includes keen observation of each child’s needs and interests, encouraging spontaneous learning moments, and thoughtfully planning intentional teaching activities.

But their journey doesn’t end here. They firmly believe in the power of collaboration and community. Their centre is committed to reflecting the diverse values of the community they serve. They cherish family involvement and believe in partnering with parents to shape the curriculum and provide meaningful learning opportunities for all.

Education is a constantly evolving field, and they embrace this reality with open arms. As an Early Childhood Education Facility, they understand the importance of involving all stakeholders – families, educators, and management – in a continuous quest for improvement. By staying abreast of the latest research and best practices identified by key Education Leaders, they ensure that their programming, planning, and curriculum development are in sync with the most current and effective approaches.

In conclusion, Canberra Avenue Child Care & Kinder is not just a childcare centre; it is a nurturing home away from home, where your child’s growth and happiness are their utmost priorities. They are committed to creating a stimulating and caring environment that fuels the flames of curiosity, instills a love for learning, and paves the way for a brighter future for every child in their care.


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