We all know the panic that grips us when the Check Engine light comes on in our vehicle. Is it just the fuel cap loose? Is the engine about to explode? Or is it something else entirely?

First off, lets discuss what the check engine light is. Most cars have computer systems that are constantly running diagnostics on your vehicle. When something goes wrong that requires human intervention, the Check Engine light illuminates on your dashboard.

This light alerts you to have the malfunction checked by your mechanic or local dealership. Most vehicles will generate a diagnostic trouble code that a mechanic can read with an OBD2 scanning device and look up the meaning of the code. These days, most auto parts stores can lend you a free OBD2 reader to download the problem codes and then tell you what’s broken. That way, if it’s just the fuel cap, you can tighten it down and keep driving. Or if it’s something minor, you can take your vehicle to your local mechanic.

But what do you do when the check engine light comes on and it’s something serious? What if a gasket blew, or a major engine component is about to go out? What if the repair costs more than the car is worth?

In the cases when major mechanical issues arise, you have a problem. You can’t, in fact, sell a car with the Check Engine light on. If you are clever and think you can just get the code cleared and keep the light off long enough to sell the vehicle, think again. That can get you into all kinds of problems legally for not disclosing known issues with the vehicle. You could even be at risk for criminal fraud charges.

Most dealerships also won’t touch a car with a check engine light on.

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Can you sell your car with a check engine light on