It goes without saying that hauling is an ingenious strategy for carrying an extra that cannot fit inside a vehicle. For instance, you can easily carry boats, pull RVs and trailers on a trip. At the heart of this convenience are enabling accessories that make such exercise safe and reliable. Particularly, finding the best adjustable hitch is important for smooth and safe hauling.

Here is a detailed guide on the best hitches you can find in the market today. On their own, hitches may appear small, but they play an integral part in safe towing and hauling. Nonetheless, before getting to the reviews and buying guide, let’s look at why you need an adjustable hitch.

Why An Adjustable Hitch?

In the current age of convenience, you can use your vehicle to haul different equipment for minimal stress on the car’s structure. As such, you might be moving equipment from one point to another or leisure Overlanding. Therefore, it would help to have an adjustable hitch for smooth and versatile applications. You can also continue buying hauling equipment like an RV or a boat trailer if you don’t have one without worrying about hitch compatibility.

That said, hitch adjustability comes in the aspects of weight and height. For instance, you might require different ball mounting diameters for different weight capacities. Likewise, you might also require different heights for different ground clearances depending on the hauled load. Therefore, an adjustable hitch will be your jack-of-all-trades for smooth and safe hauling and towing.

How To Choose The Best Adjustable Hitch

1. Build Quality

The best adjustable hitch will stand out from the rest first by being sturdy to withstand different hauling tasks. Trailers, RVs and boats solely rely on being pulled, making them a liability to the hauling vehicle. As such, a strong connector is needed to eliminate the risks and uncertainties of losing your load mid hauling.

Also, a strong build provides the reassurance to withstand harsh exterior conditions that risk structural integrity. Fortunately, we have made your shopping easier by recommending strongly built hitches. Overall, a strong and well-built hitch translates to a value for money.

2. Towing Weight Capacity

This feature is also referred to as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Before buying any hitch, it’s important to match your hitch choice to your estimated hauling or towing capacity. Ideally, the higher the towing weight capacity, the better and more versatile your hitch will be.

Considering that hitching might vary from time to time, we recommend going for a hitch with interchangeable weight capacities and heights. Such a measure will make you ready for almost any type of hauling without the hassle of spending more bucks. Generally, always remember to observe the stipulated towing weight capacity for safe and sustainable hauling.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility is also vital for optimal functionality. In light of this factor, weight capacity observation is also part of compatibility, which enables maximum efficiency. Additionally, compatibility involves fitting the hitch to a hitch receiver. Therefore, the easy approach to the hitch receiver is to find the perfectly fitting hitch.

Alternatively, you can use a hitch receiver adapter to customize the fitting of your hitch. We also recommend purchasing a hitch with an adjustable drop and rise in line with customization. As such, raising or dropping is necessary for level hauling.

4. Protective Exterior

Regardless of how you use a hitch, it will be exposed to exterior conditions such as harsh weather, dust and rust. Therefore, such an accessory should be protected from such elements. Different models come with different protections and finishes, including black powder coats, aluminum alloys or a chrome finish. Overall, always opt for a protective finish that will guard against most corrosive elements for increased durability.

5. User-Friendliness

An ideal adjustable hitch should be easy to use and install. Fortunately, most manufacturers make hitches with the necessary accessories for installation. However, the more accessories a hitch comes with, the more expensive it will be, but convenience should be prioritized. Accordingly, we have narrowed down your choices with easy-to-use hitches.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Adjustable Hitch

1. Does a weight-distribution hitch increase tow capacity?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, it simply helps distribute the recommended tow weight across your trailer’s axles for enhanced control and stability. Therefore, don’t be tempted to exceed the recommended hitch weight while using a weight distribution hitch.

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